Friday, April 14, 2006

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is finally here.

Bottom line: For a first release it's slick. A couple of minor niggles and performance issues (it's running noticably slower than yesterday!) but on the whole it's great. I've been evaluating Airset, 30Boxes and Calendar Hub but I'll now switch to Google Calendar.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Apple Boot Camp

Apple have released Boot Camp, official software that allows an Apple to dual boot with Windows or OSX.

If the performance of Visual Studio turns out to be reasonable I may just buy a Mac Mini. I've been looking for an excuse for awhile. :) Among many other things, I'd love to use it as a front-end for a MythTV setup.

As the rest of the world is discussing, this is an audacious move by Apple but many are predicting that virtualization - running Windows applications within OSX - is coming. Now that would be seriously kick-ass. There are only a handful of applications that tie me to Windows, my development tools being the most important, and it wouldn't take much effort to nudge me over into the Mac world. It would also have many ramifications in the computing world. What would it mean for Linux? Which platform would you target as a developer?

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