Saturday, May 23, 2009

VMWare Server 2 Remote Console and Synergy

I've got VMWare Server 2 install on one of my machines here and I was trying to use the Remote Console (which installs as a Firefox extension) to connect to a Windows XP VM I was creating.  But no dice.  The keyboard and mouse inputs were not being redirected to the VM.

After trying a bunch of things I stumbled on turning Synergy off.  Voila, the mouse and keyboard works as expected.

[Incidentally my recommendation is to use the Synergy+ client; the original Synergy client appears to be pretty much abandonware and the Synergy+ folks are doing a great job at fixing bugs.]

So there's my tip of the day:  If you find your keyboard and mouse not working as expected with VMWare Server 2's Remote Client take a took in your system tray.  If Synergy is running turn it off and see if Remote Client responds.  Worked for me!