Saturday, October 16, 2004

Information Overload

Blogs are great. It's incredible how easy it can be to be well-informed!

But today I'm not here to extol the virtues of blogs. Instead, lately, I've often found that I am almost becoming inundated with stuff to digest - and if I unplug for a few days I find I have thousands of entries patiently awaiting my eyes' attention.

I also find that it can affect my work. Often while I'm waiting for a build (typically a handful of minutes) I'll bring my Bloglines [1] account to the foreground and have a read. If I'm not dilligent I find that it's easy to get distracted by all the interesting things going on in the world. Twenty minutes later I remember that I was waiting for a build. Damn my curious nature! I don't let it happen often but I'm considering banning myself from reading during work...

How people like Scoble, with his 1000-odd feeds (as compared to my paltry 60!) manage is beyond me...I don't get enough sleep as it is! How do you do it Robert?

In two weeks I'm going on holidays (Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays - can't wait!) for seven nights. I'm almost scared to imagine how much reading I'll be doing the first day I log on!

Anyway, I'd be curious to know how everyone else manages their feeds. Don't be shy. :)

[1] Like many others, I've found Bloglines a terrific service - my blogroll is publically available, feel free to take a squiz or recommend blogs that you think I may be interested in.

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