Monday, December 06, 2004

Podcasts & G'day World

It started with the Daily Source Code. Then the Dawn and Drew Show. DotNetRocks! was next followed by the odd IT Conversations. I'm gettin' addicted! I did poo-poo podcasts in the beginning - I couldn't see how they could possibly be effective. I mean I read about 400[1] times faster than anyone can speak. But then I found the perfect place to listen to them. A place where it is nearly impossible to read and my valuable time was being wasted. You see, I do a fair bit of driving. And here's a tip kiddies, it's the best place to listen to podcasts.

Go ahead and subscribe to those above podcasts, they're great! But, given that I have a nerdy background and I'm a proud Australian, I feel that I have to give a special plug to G'Day World. Created by Mick Stanic (I've read SplaTT's blog for awhile now) and Cameron Riley, this podcast is created by a couple of Aussie geeks and contains our unique sense of humour and slightly outta kilter perspective. The total number of shows is only at two at the moment but the guys are showing a lot of promise. Good luck and keep it up fellas.

[1] actual number may be exaggerated for the benefit of the story.

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