Monday, January 31, 2005

No Inkernet!

For anyone out there who's reading this blog you'll have noticed that I've written not a damn thang for a couple of weeks now. There's a very good reason.

I'm housesitting.

Which is cool! You see, normally I live with my folks. No real problem - I get on with them really well. But, at 27, I'm starting to need to spread my wings. Back in 2001 I moved out of home for the better part of a year and, when the lease came up, I decided to move back home in an attempt to save enough money to buy my own house. Unfortunately the huge housing boom has extended my plans somewhat as the size of the required deposit practically doubled in the past two years. Anyways. The house is closer to the city (where I spend a bit of time) and my girlfriends (where I spend a lot of time). It's good, I'm enjoying it here.

Except for one little problem.

No broadband! It's amazing how quick you take for granted that fast Internet connection. I'm really missing reading and responding to blogs in the evenings. And downloading files without even bothering to check their file size. I'm damn-near tempted to get a broadband connection installed here just for the duration of my stay...but I haven't been able to figure out a way to truly justify the cost - even to myself! I have just connected up a dial-up account generously provided by my company but dang it's slow. I now really feel Adam Curry's pain! Once you've tasted that pure, glorious fat Inkernet pipe there's no going back!

So I'm here for five months. Please excuse the lack of posts, I'm still reading everything (after work hours mostly) and I have lots to talk about (hiking at Wilsons Prom, figuring out how to integrate Winforms and Win32-based GUI libraries in C++/CLI, my new digital SLR) but I just don't have much spare Internet time. I'll try and post as much as I can. In the meantime bear with me and consider a thought for little ol' Inkernet-deprived Matt.

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