Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Code Camp OZ - I want details dammit!

I was pretty pissed to find that I wouldn't be able to make Code Camp Oz. Alas, I had an engagement party and a wedding to attend (not for the same couple!).

Anyway, now I want to know how it went. First reports seem like it was great but I want details! Are slides going to be made available? What was your favourite presentations and why? And, especially for me, what details were there about C++/CLI? Is anyone else using it?

A big shout out to Thomas Williams for the offer of a lift up there. Sorry I had to bail Thomas, hopefully there'll be another Code Camp and I'll be able to take you up on your generous offer! :)

I just noticed that I was down as the "C++/CLI co-ordinator"...I didn't even realise! Sorry Mitch if I agreed to that and didn't let you know I wasn't able to attend early enough to find a replacement.


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Thomas Williams said...

Hey Matt, I'm still in the process of writing it all up. It was a great weekend, well worth attending!