Thursday, May 12, 2005

Spicks & Specks

Last night a friend (Heya Age! When are you going to start your own blog?) and I went and watched the recording of two episodes of the ABC’s music trivia show Spicks and Specks.

Spicks and Specks

Gotta say, we both had a great time (though two episodes was bordering on too long) and I can recommend anyone go see it.  You’ll have to grab the phone number (I can’t remember it and they don’t have it on the website, sheesh!) at the end of the show to register interest for tickets, which are free.  Filming is at ABC studios in Elsternwick.

Adam Hills was a terrific host that earned a great deal of respect from us just because he was so honest, approachable, funny and real

Myf and Alan were also damn funny – I lost it when Alan broke his chair!  You’ll see what I mean in six weeks or so…  The guests were also great – I don’t want to name them and spoil the surprise but one half of Lano & Woodley was on and in fine form! 

Adam and the team really indulge the crowd, playing up on heaps of gags that will never make it to air.  Thanks everyone at the ABC for a terrific show.

Anyways, if you don’t watch the show it’s great fun and is on Wednesday nights at 8:30.  Enjoy!



Anonymous said...

the show mad ay

Ash said...

I love Spicks & Specks! Haven't missed an episode! You're lucky living anywhere near where they film all the shows for the ABC and other channels. Over in WA we don't have that kind of luxury, but I'm going to make a point of having a trip over east just to see a whole bunch of tapings for TV.