Monday, July 04, 2005

Boys weekend away

Friday afternoon saw ten* guys leave for Sprocket's family holiday house in Portarlington. We'd decided to have a 'boys weekend away' where we'd do very little except play poker, pool and maybe have a few drinks...

Rather than tell all the stories ("What happens in Portarligton..." ;) ) I just wanted to say I had a great time - it's always going to be fun going away with good company.

Speaking of company here's a list of the lads:

Jeremy ("Jiggy")
Anthony ("Sprocket")
Jarek ("J-Man")
Mark ("Screws")
John ("Chisel")
Stu ("Mallet")

Thanks guys, it was fun. :)

Don't ask about the nicknames - it's a long story! (One of you original tools ought to blog about the tale...)

Congrats to Stu for cleaning up in game one of the almighty poker tournament and Jiggy, Sprocket and Mick for sharing the spoils after the seven-hour marathon of game two.

Oh, and a shout-out (that will probably never be heard!) to the ├╝ber-sweet Becky from Bendigo for agreeing to appear in a couple of sunset photos. Thanks!

Update: Photos are now online.

* OK, it was eight - Stu and Mick joined us on Saturday.

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