Thursday, March 02, 2006


I used to subscribe to the Age's RSS feeds to get my dose of Aussie news. I generally like the Age, their reporting is usually even handed and reasonably fair. But I agree with Will that the ABC feeds are much better.

For a start they've got summaries. With the Age feeds you only get headlines - and they're typically quite vague. The ABC gives headlines and a short one-line summary of what the article is about. It's not full text (which would be ideal!) but it's pretty good. And the quality of the ABC articles, while a bit drier than the Age, is also high.

So bye-bye Age, hello ABC. :)


William Luu said...

The ABC feeds are also updated more often, and offer more specialised feeds (They even have an AFL feed!).

It's a shame though, I do like to read The Age as well. I'm subscribing to both now (The Age and ABC).

I've found some interesting reads via the ABC Science & Tech Feed.

daniel crowley - wilson said...

Definately agree with you - I think not publishing a summary of every article is missing the point of RSS. I'd push it further and say not publishing the whole article is completely missing the point.

Fairfax is definately still in the "eyeballs per page" methodology of advertising when it comes to their sites - they need to move into the 21st century.