Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Annoying Bloglines 'feature'

I love Bloglines, I use it all the time to keep track of my feeds. But lately something has changed, something that is driving me nuts.

Perhaps a month ago I started noticing that when you display all the new posts from your feeds, Bloglines draws the focus to the top of the page when all the posts have finished loading. Arrgggh!

I subscribe to around 200 feeds which typically generates around 250 posts per day to read. It takes awhile for those posts to load and so I begin reading them as soon as they start to appear in my browser. Some time later I'll be midway through reading post #74 and whoosh! Back to the top I go, losing my place and boiling my blood.

[I'm lazy and haven't yet broken out the Javascript to find out why this is happening but I have two guesses. 1) Bloglines is telling the browser to give some element near the top the focus, though which one and why I don't know (it's not the search box). 2) The keyboard shortcuts implementation is interfering somehow. Just guesses, I should really get dirty amongst the code.]

It's only a small thing but please Bloglines, make it stop!

Tagging this post with "bloglines freedback" (Chris Pirillo's freedback idea is a ripper) ought to alert the Bloglines team that this is feedback for them - we'll see how we go!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt,

What browser are you using? Feel free to contact me about this at ben.lowery at ask dot com. Thanks.