Thursday, September 21, 2006

Registering ASP.NET in IIS

I've tripped over this issue a couple of times so I figure I'd offload it to my blog to free up some space in my head.

The short story:

If you've just installed a new web application to your IIS server and it uses ASP.NET and you're unable to view the web page (specifically you may instead be asked to save a file) then it may be because you need to (re)register ASP.NET with IIS.

You do so like this:

> cd "\WindowsFolder\Microsoft.NET\Framework\VersionNumber"

> aspnet_regiis.exe" -i

The longer story goes something like this:

You install the .NET Framework version x.y.  However you didn't have IIS installed in Windows.  Then you install a web application to your IIS server [1].  Viewing the web app pages [2] confusingly just doesn't work, dammit!  Then you remember the magical register command and voila, birds start singing, sun beams out from behind the clouds and the world is a happy place once more.  :)

MS have also documented the issue.

[1] For me it always seems to be CruiseControl.NET.

[2] Which, for CC.NET, is http://localhost/ccnet/default.aspx.

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