Wednesday, February 23, 2005


As promised, here are the people who came to the "geek" dinner on the 22nd Feb after the Microsoft Security Summit. Where available I've also linked to their blogs.

I'll be posting more about the summit over the next couple of days (including more photos!) so stay tuned!

Damian Edwards

Matt Cosier

Mayur Patel

Vinit Pandya

William Luu

Nirav Patel

Thomas Williams

Jeff Alexander

Michael Kleef

Bill Chestnut

Tejas Patel

Adrian Bezzina

Jarrod Plunkett

Peter Stanski


Henry Craven

Greg Low

Athena Powlowski

Kathleen Khoo

Andrew Coates


Tejas Patel said...

You are a Gentleman. Thanks for this.

William Luu said...

Great pics Matt!

Was great to meet yah. I think the plan is we may have another one of these things sooner or later since everyone had such a great time!

Jarrad said...

thanks matt.. every time I am in a photo I look impish/demonic.. this certainly doesn't spoil that image


Thomas Williams said...

Nice Matt, that was quick getting the shots up! And what a lot of handsome geeks there is here...

Geoff Appleby said...

Why is it that of all those shots the one that looked most natural was the one of Coatesy with beer in hand? :)

Nirav Patel said...

To Geoff Appleby,

That is because bear brings out one's most natural pose.