Sunday, February 27, 2005

Geek Dinner - Post MS Security Summit Shenanigans (with photos!)

OK, I'm a few days late on this post. Sorry!

Last Tuesday was the MS Security Summit in Melbourne. I covered the event in an earlier posting, but I'm now going to discuss the important part of the day - the post-summit geek dinner [1]. ;)

Many of us had been in Greg Low's terrific presentation on SQL Server 2005 (Introduction to Developers) which was probably the last to finish at a little after 5:30. After trundling down to the MSDN Connection lounge (gotta love elitism! ;) I met up with Will, organiser supremo, and some of the other gang. The dinner had been set at 7:30 at the Blue Train Cafe so we needed to kill some time till then so off to The Pub, at the Crown Casino we go.

Relaxing at The Pub (over some nice brews - thank you Microsoft!) was a good way to start the evening. Everyone was friendly and interesting, quite a relief when you consider the "geek" stereotype is meant to have the social graces of dead fish. I was wrapped to have some meaningful conversations while [I pissed everyone off by] getting down everyone's details and snapping a photo. Here's some shots while we were at The Pub:

Mayur talking smack about Windows

They're all business at Microsoft

Just chattin'

Seven thirty snuck up on us fast and soon after Coatsey announced "last drinks!" we were on our way. The Blue Train is an iconic Melbourne restaurant on Southbank that serves a pretty varied cuisine. It's always busy and tonight was no exception. We waited aaaages for a dinner before Kathleen took it into her own hands and started getting things moving (awesome work!). Time flew with s conversation. Check out some more photos:

In short: wicked night. As I said, everyone - without exception - was friendly and the night flew by. Most people were keen to get together again so hopefully we'll have a second geek dinner in the not-too-distant future!

[1] Really don't like the name "geek" dinner! It just sounds so nasty, can anyone come up with anything better??


William Luu said...

Let's see...

Alternatives to "geek dinner" but still retain some of the meaning:

"A gathering of the minds"

"IT Dinner"

"Techy Dinner"

Matt said...

Maybe "Techish Dinner"?

Do we even need a name for it? Why not just say: "After the Summit we're going out for drinks and a dinner...".

I'm not going to win this battle but the word "geek" has such bad connotations!