Saturday, March 05, 2005

SQL Server 2005 CTP

Yukon was a highlight for many at the recent Security Summit - I'm sure Greg and Thomas will be wrapped to see that the new CTP has just been announced.

Me? I'm not really a mad-keen database guy. I will, however, be interested in playing with the new Whidbey CTP when it's released on March 38!


Thomas Williams said...

Hey Matt, wow, you mentioned me in the same sentence as Greg Low, I am not worthy...

I don't get much time to play around with semi-distant releases like Yukon/Whidbey, but I hope when they're released that I'm able to use them at work pretty quickly. How do you go with beta stuff? Where it's work-related I sometimes squeeze in time to look at it, but I can't deploy beta software to production anyway, so I find it's better to wait until the release.


Matt said...

Heya Thomas,
Yeah, it's hard with beta software. At work I've got VS2002, 2003 and Whidbey installed but I only use the latter for investigations. For example, recently we were trying to figure out what GUI libraries to use in the future and how to make our current codebase coexist with I dove right in to Winforms in Whidbey. So basically we can only use it to steer the direction and planning of projects and, like yourself, we cannot use it for a production release.