Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Chicken of the VNC - Slow connecting to Ubuntu

Chicken of the VNC is undoubtably one of the coolest-named apps around. And, in most situations, it's the best VNC client on the Mac. But it has some serious issues when connecting to my Ubuntu (Feisty Fawn) server - it's slow to the point that it's unusable.

Twiddling with the various options doesn't make a difference. No idea what's causing the issue; if anyone can enlighten me I'd appreciate it!

In the meantime I use the venerable VNCViewer. It hasn't been updated in years but it connects to my server just fine (although it does drive CPU usage high).


Matvey said...

JollyFastVNC is another alternative; it's a universal binary and behaves better than old VNCViewer

Anonymous said...

JollysFastVNC is certainly faster than the Chicken... I"m sold... :)

douglas said...

Just tried it, huge difference. Thank you.

Richie Presto said...

JollysFastVNC... done and done