Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Firefox extensions

I've had some queries about which Firefox extensions I use so I thought I'd post my current list. Hover over each link for a description.


Bloglines Toolkit 1.5.6

BlogThis 0.3

Bookmarks Synchronizer 1.0.1

BugMeNot 0.6.2

Copernic Desktop Search Toolbar 1.1

Duplicate Tab 0.5.1

Ebay Negs! 0.6

FirefoxView 0.31.1

IE View 1.2.4

Image Zoom

lget 0.1

ListZilla 0.5.1

miniT (drag+indicator) 0.5

PDF Download 0.5

Print It! 0.3.6

Resizeable Textarea 0.1a

Scribe 0.21

SessionSaver 0.2

Sort Extensions 1.1

SpellBound 0.7.3

SwitchProxy Tool 1.3.2

Tab Clicking Options 0.5.2

Tabbrowser Preferences

TinyUrl Creator 1.0

undoclosetab 20041125.5

Web Developer 0.9.3

xMirror 0.2

For some reason Flashblock doesn't appear in this list (which is generated by the extension ListZilla).

And I've recently been impressed with TabMix - if I was to start installing extensions from scratch I would use that tab manager extension which would replace a handful of those above.

1 comment:

Jiggy said...

eBay Negs is an awesome extension! The days of searching through a user's feedback profile to find the bad feedback are over...