Monday, August 22, 2005

Melbourne Geek Dinner

OK folks, those of you who are livin' it large in our wonderful city of Melbourne take note! Pencil in a geek dinner for Friday the 26th (yep, this Friday). Tejas has done the superb job of picking a date and venue (OK, Pizza Hut wouldn't have been my first pick, but hey, whatever!) so trundle off to read his blog post and mark the time in your calendar.

I'll be there with my camera (still without my blessed 80-200mm) at least for a while. Feel free to say g'day to the guy holding the Nikon. His name will be Matt. :) [1]

I will have to leave early-ish as I try to go to Salsa dance classes (at Viva Cabaret on Smith st) at 9:00 Fridays. If anyone wants to come along Salsa-ing let me know! :)

Looking forward to meeting some more of you... :)

[1] Unless there's another guy holding a Nikon. In which case their name may not be Matt. Though it might be - it's a pretty common name. Regardless, I'm sure you can say hi to him too. :)


Jiggy said...

Until you mentioned Pizza Hut, I thought it was a geek dinner in that you were eating geeks.

Got me a bit worried there!

Tejas Patel said...

Matt, normally I would prefer something else as well over Pizza Hut, but asking everybody for opinions does make the selection difficult and time consuming at times :). Also when we have more time to organise, we will try to find a right place.

cameronreilly said...

where's dem photos homey?