Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Matt ♥’s...

I gave a presentation today at work about various useful tools and wanted to keep track of the links. So here they are!

A web-based blog aggregator.

Matts list of blogs
A list of the blogs I'm subscribed to. There may or may not be something there that you'll enjoy...

Sauce Reader
A client-side blog aggregator.

A web-based blog-authoring tool. Owned by Google.

MSN Spaces
Another web-based authoring tool by Microsoft. Has great integration with MSN Messenger.

A search engine that only indexes blogs.

Another blog search engine.

A podcast aggregator.

Matt's list of podcasts
My list of podcasts, to get you started!

Google Maps
Web-based mapping application. Satellite & road data, with local search.

Microsoft Virtual Earth
As above, but from MS.

Google Earth
A client-side map application. Like Google Maps but with a richer interface.

NASA's World Wind
Similar product to Google Earth but open source and uses freely available satellite imagery. No road data.

Microsoft Mappoint
Renamed to Streets & Trips. Rich mapping application. Not free.

Desktop search application. Just install it already!

Windows Desktop Search
A solid alternative to Copernic. [BTW Yahoo, Google and many others have other desktop search offerings, these two are just my favourites]

Improve your web browsing experience!

Firefox Extensions
One of the many websites that host Firefox extensions.

Matts Firefox Extensions
My list of extensions.

Great photo management software, owned by Google.

Cross platform, open source web authoring system.

Mouse gestures for any Windows application.

A simple todo list manager. Allows hierarchical tasks among a plethora of other features.

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Anonymous said...

Mappoint and Streets & Trips are actually 2 different products.

Streets & Trips