Monday, October 03, 2005

Lens fixed, a 'new' camera and a new blog

Speaking of cameras...I'm sure you remember the heartache, the despair and the horror of the day my lens broke. Well, my 80-200 has come back from repair and it's better than new!

The wonderful folks at the Camera Clinic (no web site unfortunately) on Easey St in Collingwood did a fantastic job with the lens. Not only that but it was just a pleasure dealing with them - they kept me well informed, were sympathetic, spelt out my options and gave me a reasonable price. If you've got a problem with your camera gear I can highly recommend them.

Here's some (hastily taken) shots of my new and improved baby:

Note the general roundness. ;) I heart that lens. :)

The other bit of photograpy-related news is that I bought a 'new' camera. It's an old-school Yashica medium format TLR camera from the early 60's. No photos since I left it at work (maybe tomorrow!) but there is a shot of it in the eBay listing that I won.

I've been fascinated by all sorts of photographic equipment and I've wanted to play with a medium format cameras for years. I haven't run any film through this Yashica yet but, assuming it works properly (it makes all the right sounds though the shutter is a little suspect), I'm intrigued that this relic can produce better images than the most expensive, top-of-the-line digital SLR.

Maybe next up will be a large-format view camera, who knows!?

Finally, I'm going to try and minimise the photography-related posts to this blog from now on. I've set up a new blog, Photo Impression, solely for photography related news. My friend Jarek and I are keen hobbyist photographers and we'll endeavour to post links to photos we like and share any photography-related information. So if you're interested in cameras, lenses and striving to capture the perfect photo take a squiz or subscribe.

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