Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Other blogs

Speaking of other blogs...I write in a couple now and just thought I'd quickly 'advertise' them.

Matts iPod News is a blog all about iPods and iPod accessories.

Wireless Cranium is my friend Jiggy's blog. Jiggy is a music buff and really knows his stuff - probably because he owns a pooload of CD's and spends all his spare time absorbed in the world of music. ;) I occasionally write in the blog since I also love listening to sweet, sweet music...

Photo Impression, as mentioned recently, will contain photography news and information as well as links to photos that Jarek (aka J-Man) or I like. It's only early days for this blog but we'll see where it goes...

Then there's this blog which I'm still, even after over a year, trying to figure out what to really do with. I'd like to write more articles on software development but damn they take some serious time that I just haven't had lately. Mostly it's just become a dumping ground for stuff I want to say, which is fine but probably terrible to read! Anyway, I'll try and sprinkle a few software-related posts in amongst the drivel. I hope you get something, even if it's only a tiny something, out of reading this blog!

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