Thursday, October 20, 2005

Three links of potential goodness

My bookmarks folder is a mess and I've got a brazillion (hehe) tabs open in Firefox. So I figure why not post a couple of useful links here? You may even find them useful.

ShinyFeet is a site that advertises unlimited email and file storage. It's also got some sort of photo gallery feature. Don't yet know what the catch is (probably advertising).

YouSendIt is a cool site that allows you to send a file (up to a gig!) to someone. Here's how it works. Type in a recipient's email address. Upload a file. The file is stored temporarily (for about a week I think) on the YouSendIt server and a link to the file is sent to the recipient. Again, not sure of the gotcha (advertising again?) but it's a pretty nifty idea.

Inquisitor is a(nother) search engine but has AJAX goodness and searches as you type. Pretty sweet. It gathers it's results from Google.

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gkt said...

If you want to manage your bookmarks, try heading over to
Or better yet - try the new browser Flock, which integrates with as well as integrating blogging, flickr, rss feeds, history search and more!